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Building a SIPs Home… Anything is Possible

Published 20th August 2019|||||

With so many elements to consider when starting out on a new build project, the last thing you want to do is compromise on your perfect design in order to accommodate your chosen method of construction.

It’s a common misconception that building with SIPs panels means ‘boxy and boring’, yet here at SIPS@Clays we’re dispelling those myths by producing some fabulous new homes and commercial structures that push the boundaries of SIPs design

The Versatility of SIPs

The versatility of SIPs, coupled with the expertise of our in-house design team means that we relish the challenge of architectural complexities and never shy away from a project because “the design doesn’t lend itself to SIPs construction”.

Our approach means you don’t have to choose form over function and you can still reap the many benefits that building with SIPs offer. In fact, some of the more complex designs can only be delivered using SIPs, with traditional builders often shying away if the project looks too challenging.

Technical Know-how

It’s not just about design; it’s about technical know-how and having a thorough understanding of both traditional and modern methods of construction. This together with our ‘can do’ attitude and design freedom, enables us to deliver our clients exactly what they want – no matter how complex their vision.

SIPS@Clays has been rooted in the construction industry for many years and over that time, we’ve built a wealth of knowledge. We’re able to apply these skills when designing complex SIPs projects by putting particular emphasis on logical build sequence and pragmatic project delivery.

There are many considerations when designing with SIPs and whilst the system lends itself perfectly to cantilevered designs, multi-level roofing arrangements and large span structures, the room for error here is great. Because our knowledge covers both traditional and modern construction, we are able to recognise and iron out intricacies right at the drawing board stage, often reworking architects’ drawing to ensure that complex designs don’t lead to problem builds.

Interactive 3D Models… Bringing your Project to Life

Using the latest in design technology we design and produce interactive 3D models of each project… in essence, we bring your SIPs project to life.

Our unique animations allow you to view your new SIPs home from every possible angle, accurately illustrating size, scale and structure. When working with the most complex of designs, with challenging aspects that may be difficult to imagine from 2D drawings alone, virtual imagery allows our clients to visualise the total design impact and allows adjustment prior to fabrication.

Underpinning SIPS@Clays ongoing innovation, our interactive 3D modelling really does add a different dimension to SIPs design and construction.

Photo: Building a SIPs Home… Anything is Possible

Know your SIPs Build System

At SIPS@Clays we design, fabricate and erect the market leading Kingspan TEK® Building System and with SIPs builds now accounting for around 8% of all UK self build construction systems, it’s important to know and trust your chosen SIPs system and crucially your SIPs supplier.

With nearly 20 years of working with Kingspan TEK™, we know and love its superior capabilities, especially when it comes to complex requirements. So if you have a design in mind, or have plans already drawn that you’d like to discuss then send them to or complete our online enquiry form.

We look forward to hearing from you.