SIPs Panels Costs

How Much Do SIP Panels Cost?

When considering the cost of a SIPs development, we need to calculate on a number of factors. As every job is different, we price up projects individually and itemise our quotes to explain the various costs involved.

The price of SIPs panels will depend on:

  • The area (m2) of floors/ceilings there are in the building
  • The area (m2) of SIPs walls there are
  • The area (m2) of internal, load bearing walls –38x89 timber studs
  • The complexity of the roof, and the area (m2) of SIPs required to form it
  • Whether it’s new build, conversion or extension
  • The time required to build

To get an accurate quote for your development please send us your plans. From these we will be able to provide you with an accurate quotation, based on a number of factors such as those listed above.

If you would like to enquire about the cost of SIPs panels for your building project, call us on (01756) 799498.

Alternatively, you can request a quote using our online enquiry form.

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Long-Term Savings from SIPs Constructions

When it comes to the cost of SIPs panels, a key consideration is the savings that can be made in the long term. Their airtight fit will significantly reduce heating bills, increasing the building’s sale value and kerb appeal. When combined with a MVHR system*, they can be used to create a home that naturally regulates its own temperature, reducing the strain on heating systems and creating a more comfortable living environment.

SIPs are fabricated in our factory rather than on-site, so they’re cut to size and ready to be erected by our experienced team as soon as we arrive on your site (more about our process). This will reduce labour costs and, in the case of developers, allow for the completion of more projects on a year-on-year basis.

Since they also free up extra living space, SIPs can dramatically increase the value and functionality of your home. They retain their insulating properties for the entire lifespan of the building and require little or no maintenance. In short, they offer an extremely cost effective long-term solution compared to other types of construction.

*MVHR system: mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery. These switch stale air for fresh air, recovering heat in the process.

I want to thank the SIPS@Clays team for a great job in the design, build and specification of my new house. Robert and his team were great on site and paid great attention to detail. All in all the whole process with Clays has been trouble free and highly successful.

Mark Cullen

SIPS@Clays has been the most professional company and the only truly stress free decision we made. They were able to change a house that was designed to be built from traditional block and steels and re engineer it into a sips house with 100% accuracy. The resulting structure vastly improved the usability of the space ”

Jeremy Startup

SIPS@Clays have been incredibly helpful right from initial discussions through to erection. Not only is their knowledge of this process second to none but their professionalism and customer satisfaction is outstanding.

Luke West— Skylark Renovations Ltd

The SIPS@Clays team has been extremely professional and proactive in both the design and construction of our new house. The few issues we had were resolved very quickly which allowed construction to commence on time and proceed to completion at an impressive and rapid rate. We highly recommend SIPS@Clays to any future house builder.”

Gavin & Fran Maxwell-Hart— Client

Working with SIPS@Clays is always a pleasure. Their product knowledge, design solutions and realistic approach to every project, makes my job as both contractor and client, an easier one.

Michael Maughan

"I’ve been in the industry a long time and have appreciated your honesty, support and guidance from the outset, it’s made my job as designer and client an easier one."

Andrew Wood