Kingspan TEK™ Building System

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Kingspan TEK™ Building System and SIPS@Clays

We are proud to say that we are a delivery partner for the Kingspan TEK™ Building System. Kingspan is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of premium and high performance rigid insulation.

We only use high performance Kingspan TEK™ to ensure the most effective, durable and consistent results. Having cut these ‘blank’ panels down to size in our own workshop, we’ll deliver them to your site and erect them for you.

Kingspan TEK™ is manufactured in Sherburn-in-Elmet, North Yorkshire

You can find out more about Kingspan TEK™ at their website. You can also call us on 01756 799498 or contact us via the online enquiry form for further information and advice.

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Kingspan TEK™ 142 vs 172: Do thicker panels give better results?

Whilst the Kingspan TEK™ Building System panels can be supplied in 142mm and 172mm thicknesses, SIPS@Clays recommends using 142mm panels together with additional layer of internal insulation.

This is sensible for a number of reasons:

  • 142mm + 30mm Kingspan Thermawall (U-Value = 0.14) performs better than 172mm panels on their own (U-Value = 0.16) [102.5mm Brick, 50 Cavity, etc]
  • Additional insulation further reduces the amount of cold bridging due to the insulation being installed in a continuous layer – covering all posts/lintels within the 142mm SIPs.
  • Roof panels have a much smaller eaves detail when using 142mm Kingspan TEK™ – which reduces the size of the fascia board required
  • The foil facing of the internal insulation can be taped to provide a continuous vapour control layer and can also help improve the level of air tightness achieved
  • The insulation installed into certain junctions i.e. window reveals can help provide improved Psi values which Kingspan Insulation have had calculated.
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Kingspan TEK™ Panels: Further considerations

In addition to the many benefits of using 142mm Kingspan TEK™ panels (as opposed to 172mm), the slimmer panels also work well with standard sized 140mm wide timber sole plates. Thicker panels not only require larger non-standard timber sole plates but also the 'end timbers' and timber posts need to be increased in size.

This would result in the following:

  • Before being installed and fixed in place with larger timbers there is a higher risk of the timbers not staying straight and flat
  • The increase in the amount of timber in the panel may impact the percentage of timber bridging the insulation, which currently is very low between 0-4% for 142mm Kingspan TEK™.
  • The increase in timbers size would not provide a substantial structural advantage as 142mm Kingspan TEK™ panel already provides suitable structural performance for most projects.
  • The larger timber sizes would also increase the volume of timbers required and would add a substantial extra cost.
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