Structural Insulated Panels For Eco-Friendly Homes

SIPS@Clays is the leading UK provider of structural insulated panels. SIP Panels or SIPs Panels as they are more commonly known, are a key component of eco-friendly building and are fast becoming recognised as one of the most efficient construction methods around.

As proud delivery partners of the market leading Kingspan TEK™ building system, SIPS@Clays designs, fabricates and installs SIPs panels across the UK.

Originally developed in America in the 1930’s, building with SIPs has now become a mainstream method of modern construction, surging in popularity in recent years. You can learn more about the History of Structural Insulated Panels and find more information at our blog.

With the advantages of being strong and hard-wearing, SIP panels are used for internal and external structural walls and roofs. Manufactured off-site at our factory in Skipton, North Yorkshire, the Structural Insulated Panels are precision engineered to provide a flexible, cost effective building solution to build highly insulated, thermally efficient homes.

SIPS@Clays specialise in all aspects of SIP Panel construction. We will guide you through the process from initial design and fabrication through to on-site construction. With an expert team who will work closely with you, your chosen architect and main contractor, SIPS@Clays will ensure that your project is a complete success.

Building with SIPs Panels – An Introduction

As a high performance building system, SIPs Panels, and in particular Kingspan TEK™ Structural Insulated Panels, are a popular choice when it comes to low energy building and especially Passive house or Passivhaus construction.

With many benefits to SIP panels construction, such as thermal efficiency, reduced waste, speed of build and increased usable space (such as rooms in the roof), building with SIP is the perfect choice for self builders and developers alike.

We’ve been supplying SIPs panels since 2003 as one of the most established and trusted SIPs suppliers in the market. We are passionate about delivering a first class SIPs Panels UK service, plus as members of the Structural Timber Association, our work is quality assured too.

If you want to start your own SIPs self build journey or you’re embarking on a development project, you can find out more about structural insulated panels here, all of their benefits and how they can make a difference to your building project.

Please have a look around our website to find out more about SIPs construction, or contact our expert team.

Please have a look around our website to find out more about structural insulated panels, or contact our expert team.

Working with SIPS@Clays is always a pleasure. Their product knowledge, design solutions and realistic approach to every project, makes my job as both contractor and client, an easier one.

Michael Maughan

"I’ve been in the industry a long time and have appreciated your honesty, support and guidance from the outset, it’s made my job as designer and client an easier one."

Andrew Wood

"I am delighted with my SIPs build project, and was highly impressed with Robert and his fitting team. They were quick, clean and efficient in their work."

Lyn Roberts

"The service your design team in particular provided, in taking our design and transferring it into your modelling and cutting system was of enormous help. The reassurance you gave us from the outset was most comforting, and indeed turned out to be absolutely well-founded.

"The whole team have been an absolute delight to deal with throughout".

Bob Dowdall

“Love the product, would definitely recommend and use again”

Tim Banks— Lancashire

“We chose SIPS@Clays because their extensive knowledge and expertise meant that we were in safe hands. The full end to end service from the design team to the SIPs build on site was professional, rigorous and well managed. We would highly recommend SIPS@Clays to anyone considering a SIPs construction.”

Graham and Gill Craven