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The Benefits Of Using Structural Insulated Panels And Other Modern Building Techniques

Published 25th April 2014|

What Are Structural Insulated Panels?

Structurally Insulated Panels (also known as SIPs) are an innovative, cost effective and environmentally friendly construction method and building material. SIPs are panels that have an insulating foam core in-between two structural facings which tend to be made from oriented strand board also known as OSB which is a revolutionary change of direction when it comes to building material. Using SIPs makes construction work far quicker and cleaner than it would be with a traditional building project. Being pre-fabricated, structural insulated panels are already the correct size and shape for their required wall or roof meaning that construction projects are shorter and deadlines are more easily adhered to.

What Are The Benefits Of SIPs?

Some of the core benefits of SIPs and other modern building techniques include and are not exclusive to:

  • Energy Bills – the insulating properties of SIPs mean that using a them in the building process allows you to have lower energy bills, as the need for heating is vastly reduced. If you combine this with renewable energy sources, such as having photovoltaic cells or a wind turbine, you can actually make a return on your energy and the cost of investment because any surplus is bought by the national grid.
  • Warmth and Dryness – because of the way that SIPs create a more sealed structure than those that would be created with a traditional building method, then they make for a drier warmer structure. As long as you make sure that you invest in appropriate environmentally friendly ventilation, then you can stop damp being an issue, which is more difficult when trying to insulate an older building after it has been constructed.
  • Speed Of Construction – as the structural insulated panels are prefabricated offsite and to suit the job in hand, then projects are delivered in a more prompt fashion that is easier to tie to a specific time frame. This also makes for a cleaner easier build, and less damage is done to the surrounding grounds
  • Space – in terms of the space that is available within a project that is made from Structural Insulated Panels, then when compared to the traditional building materials constructed equivalent in a house the same size the internal space is great as the materials require less space, yet are just as strong against the elements and holding up rigidly.

Other Useful Modern Building Techniques

As mentioned previously, aiming for self sustainability with a home is one thing to look into. A home that can be kept powered by renewable means where you can also return your investment by selling power back to the national grid is a concept that is catching on. Solar panels are one way to do this, or having a wind turbine.

Ensuring that you have good quality windows and doors is another important factor. If you have invested in constructing a home from green materials, then you would aim to augment this work with high quality windows and doors. This way the overall process of insulation is further assisted. In tandem with this, the use of plantation shutters as an interior window covering can allow you have more control over the temperature in your home, as well as helping to avoid light and noise pollution from the outside world.

Using a water tank to collect rainwater is another way to encourage sustainability and prevent water wastage. If you can justify it, having onsite wastewater treatment especially in a development of green homes is a further way to boost the green friendly nature of your home.