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Staffordshire Dormitory Block Near Completion

Published 19th December 2013||

Photo: Staffordshire Dormitory Block Near Completion

See the Finished SIPs Walls and External Cladding at Staffordshire Outdoor Education Centre

A couple of months ago, we started building a large dormitory block structure at Staffordshire Outdoor Education Centre (SOEC). Despite the epic scale of the project (the total area of the building was around 45m x 16m), we had the SIPs erected within just four weeks. Fast forward just over a month and the project is almost finished. Indoors, many of the exterior SIPs walls have been fireproofed but otherwise left exposed for effect, while the external walls have been clad with cedar boarding. Let’s take a look…

Inside: SIPs Walls Left Exposed

One of the exterior SIPs walls and the high vaulted ceiling were left bare other than a clear, intumescent lacquer for fire proofing. This gives the room a unique, stylised appearance that is in keeping with the overall architecture and construction of the complex.

Since SIP roofs don't require trusses, we were simply able to leave the roof space open. This allowed us to create large, open rooms with attractive vaulted ceilings, achieving the modern look and feel that SOEC had been hoping for.

The remaining walls have been fitted with plaster board and painted to form a contrast with the exposed SIPs walls and vaulted ceilings.

Outside: SIPs External Cladding in Cedar Boarding

Cedar boarding is a popular choice for cladding SIPS externally, as it’s easy to work with and has an attractive, modern finish. First the SIPs were vertically counter-battened with a 25mm lath over the breather membrane, then the cedar boarding was attached directly onto the lath.

With little still left to do, the structure should be finished in good time for Christmas. Bearing this in mind, the entire project has taken just two months to complete, from the arrival of the panels to the finishing of the SIPs walls and exterior cladding. Pretty quick work if you ask us!

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