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SIPs Buildings and their Fitters

Published 29th August 2017|||||

Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are a lightweight, versatile and environmentally friendly building material. On top of this, they are incredibly strong which means they have many advantages for constructions.

SIPS@Clays regularly work alongside people in different professions to fit our SIPs building systems, collaborating to achieve the best result for the client.

Photo: SIPs Buildings and their Fitters


SIPS@Clays often collaborate with architects to create new, innovative and revolutionary designs. Whether it’s a gravity-defying home in Scotland or an activity centre in Staffordshire, we work together to bring the client’s vision to life. We are often chosen when the project requires a quick finish time or a unique element. This could be a complex or open roof, made possible by the panels’ lightweight and strong design.

Our collaborations with architects have led to many successes, with features in prominent magazines; such as our win in Telegraph’s Homebuilding and Renovating Awards.


The invention of structural insulated panels has led many aspiring self-builders to turn their dream into a reality, becoming the advocates and pioneers of the building method.

There are several reasons why someone might choose to build their own home with structural insulated panels. They might be looking to save money by reducing the amount spent on tradesmen or create a home which is more environmentally friendly and spacious. With SIPs this is possible due to the product’s airtight and highly insulating properties, allowing for thinner walls and more floor space.

We work closely alongside self-builders, converting initial designs into structural insulated panels using our advanced CAD (computer aided design) software. We will order and receive the Kingspan TEK Building System, cutting these to size in our own factory. They will by dispatched from our depot, ready for quick erection onsite.

The process is much simpler than traditional building methods, and our material saving, pre-cutting approach means there is much less material for a self-builder to remove from the site (a costly process).

Building Contractors

A contractor oversees the work done on site, managing tradesmen and builders to ensure the project’s success. As the SIPs frame is only one step in the construction process, SIPS@Clays regularly collaborate on projects which include residential, commercial and industrial builds.

Contracting companies are often impressed at the speed in which the Kingspan TEK Building System can be erected. Management is much simpler due to the waterproof frame and fast build time, meaning that plumbers, electricians and other tradesmen can get started sooner. This also results in the contractor being less reliant on the weather for their completion date.
Ultimately, this time-saving construction saves money for the client. They will pay less hours for a far superior end result, and they will also benefit in the long-term from their high levels of insulation, which can lead to lower energy bills.

Contact the SIPS@Clays team today to learn how we can help with your project. Alternatively, browse through our case studies for some examples of our work.