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Proud Delivery Partner of the Kingspan TEK Building System

Published 26th June 2017|||

Photo: Proud Delivery Partner of the Kingspan TEK Building System

We currently live in a modern and urban existence that involves the consumption of many natural resources. It is because of this that environmental sustainability is more important and relevant than ever. With this in mind, we are a proud partner of the Kingspan TEK Building System, a system that has environmental sustainability at its core.

Photo: Proud Delivery Partner of the Kingspan TEK Building System

What is the Kingspan TEK Building System?

This sustainable system comprises of structural insulated panels (SIPs), all connected with a unique joining system for walls and roofs. These panels are made from a high-performance and fibre-free Urethane insulation core, which is sandwiched between two boards of OSB (Oriented Strand Board, type 3). The building system panels are a structural composite, providing stiffness, strength, and predictable responses; the ideal properties for building with.

Design Flexibility

The SIPs are pre-cut to the requirements of the project, based on specification of the design. Complete with a kit, these panels are versatile for many building projects. The system can be used for buildings of up to four stories high, and the panels can be used on walls and roofs. The system is also has the advantage of being weather proofed.

Advantages of using the Kingspan TEK Building System

Environmentally Sustainable
Using the system allows us to create extremely energy efficient and environmentally sustainable buildings. CO2 emissions are reduced in SIPs buildings through reducing the space heating demand of the building. This is done through specifying low U-values, low air permeability, and by avoiding significant thermal bridging when possible.

Due to the panels being designed and cut in a factory environment off-site, there is minimal waste on site. This means that there is less transport congestion through various deliveries, as the system kit comes from one source. Noise and traffic pollution is reduced because of this, therefore minimising the project’s effect on the environment.

After completion, the cost of running a SIPs building is considerably less than the cost of running a traditional building. Not only are our SIPs buildings sustainable to create, but they also allow for sustainable living.

Efficient and Innovative
As the building kit creates a weather-tight frame, other trades can start work sooner. Subsequently, projects can be finished quickly, thus minimising site costs and being of use when time is a constraint. This makes it easier to predict the time it will take to complete the project due to the simplicity of the construction process. As well as this, it creates a controllable indoor environment that is harder to achieve with more traditional construction methods.

Many projects tend to encounter unexpected issues that can be costly and cause delays. However, with the Kingspan TEK Building System coming from a quality-controlled factory, this reduces the likelihood of potential setbacks or deficits. The accurate engineering of the kit ensures precision.

Due to the shell of a SIPs building going up quickly, the build becomes less water dependent and therefore easier to control. This is ideal for individuals looking to run the project themselves, as it is easier to manage the different trades once the SIPs have been built.

We only use the Kingspan TEK Building System to ensure the most effective, durable, and consistent results. As proud delivery partners, we are able to create eco-friendly homes to the highest of standards across the UK.