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Promoting Sustainability, Fabric First

Published 19th March 2015||||

SIPS@Clays Advocates Fabric First Approach in March Issue of Housebuilder & Developer

The recent watering down of the Zero Carbon Policy highlights the government’s failure to recognise a more sustainable, more economically viable and fundamentally simpler alternative. The fabric first approach to construction offers a long-term solution for builders and developers looking to meet the new standard without having to rely on bolt-on technologies and carbon offsetting schemes.

In the latest issue of Housebuilder & Developer magazine, Ian Clay of SIPS@Clays explains why we should be making building performance a priority rather than looking for ways to compensate for poor performance. By building to a high standard of airtightness, we can reduce our reliance on heating systems, renewable and otherwise, in turn reducing CO2 emissions.

“The fabric first approach to construction provides a longer-term solution that can help ease the discrepancy between building quality and cost, minimise the strain on resources and, ultimately, improve modern living standards.” – Ian Clay, SIPS@Clays

Modern building technologies such as the Kingspan TEK system of structural insulated panels (SIPs) can be used to create airtight homes whose very fabric provides a comfortable living environment. This can enable builders and developers to meet the forthcoming Zero Carbon objective whilst simultaneously ensuring compliance with the new Target Fabric Energy Efficiency (TFEE) standard.

But it’s not all about meeting the Building Regulations. Implicit in the fabric first approach is a strong emphasis on building quality and performance, which brings huge benefits to the homeowner and the generations of the future.

The full article can be found here. This includes an example specification comparison of three different construction types –masonry, timber frame and SIPs – to demonstrate the different technologies required to minimise heat loss in each scenario.

Are you looking to take the fabric first approach in your own building project(s)? Call SIPS@Clays on 01756 799498 or email and we’ll help to make your vision a reality.