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New Classroom To Be Constructed in a Matter of Weeks

Published 17th December 2014|||

Photo: New Classroom To Be Constructed in a Matter of Weeks

SIPs Classroom on Track to be Erected Before Christmas

Situated in the picturesque Yorkshire Dales, Boyle & Petyt Primary School offers local children the opportunity to learn within an intimate classroom environment. The school was looking to extend this offering to younger children in the catchment area, and commissioned us to build a new classroom using SIPs (structural insulated panels).

The project must be completed by the end of March in order to meet strict funding deadlines. By choosing a SIPs classroom, the school hopes to have the core structure of the building completed with plenty of time to spare for cladding, roofing and finishing off the build.

The school governors were aware of another local project SIPS@Clays had completed years ago, and decided that we would be the ideal team for the job. They enlisted the help of local architect John Wharton and contractor Roger Tiffany Limited, and got to work planning the new build classroom.

Designing and Building the SIPs School Classroom

John’s brief was to build a 100 square metre classroom with a budget of £150k. Once planning permission was secured – no easy task given that the school is located within the boundaries of a National Park – the work could begin in earnest.

As well as enabling the new classroom to be built within a very short timescale, SIPs offer a suitable alternative to the expense of traditional construction methods. Using SIPs also means the building can be clad with timber, further reducing costs and build time.

Having started the job just two days ago (15th December), we have been going full steam ahead and hope have the full structure in place for the new SIPs classroom before Christmas. If you’re curious to see how it turns out, keep an eye on our blog or follow us on Twitter or Facebook for updates.

Alternatively, if you’re considering using structural insulated panels for a new school building or extension, SIPs@Clays can help. Browse our website for more information on SIPs and the service that we provide, or call us on 01756 799498

Interesting fact about Boyle & Petyt Primary School: The Boyle after whom the school is named is none other than Sir Robert Boyle, the enunciator of Boyle’s Law. Boyle left a sum of money to his nephew, the second Earl of Burlington, who used it to build a Grammar School. This has since become the rectory at Bolton Abbey, just a short distance away from Boyle & Petyt Primary School.