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Large Dormitory Block Structure Completed in Just Four Weeks

Published 12th November 2013|||

Photo: Large Dormitory Block Structure Completed in Just Four Weeks

How Time Saving Construction Methods Reduced Build Time at Staffordshire Outdoor Education Centre

Have you ever been pressured to get a building up in as little time as possible, forcing you to compromise on quality and cost? Structural insulated panels (SIPs) are the future in time saving construction methods, as proven by our work at Staffordshire Outdoor Education Centre (SOEC). Not only did SIPs lead to a dramatic reduction in construction time; they also enabled us to create a large, open space that extends up as far as the eaves, leaving an attractive vaulted ceiling. Here’s what we did.

The Brief

Capita Symonds, an architectural company based in Manchester, was commissioned to plan for a new, modern dormitory block to replace the old one at SOEC. With little time to lose but quality still very much at stake, they turned to the Kingspan TEK Building System. They had heard that SIPs would enable them to create a large, open and modern space while keeping construction time to a minimum.

The Solution

Having converted Capita Symonds’ drawings into a 3D model and confirmed details with the client, we worked closely with an engineer to ensure the project’s technical viability, compliance and value for money.

Photo: Large Dormitory Block Structure Completed in Just Four Weeks

This was a large-scale project, with the total size of the building coming to about 45m x 16m. In terms of square meterage of TEK panel used, that’s the equivalent of building five large detached houses! However, once the panels had been cut to size and delivered on site, the whole installation process took just four weeks to complete.

In addition, the dry lining contractor was able to start plaster boarding the inside of the building the day we left site, despite the fact it had no finished roof or external cladding. Some of the internal walls and roof were left exposed, giving a dramatic visual effect while saving even more time. Rather than using plasterboard, the contractor was simply able to apply intumescent clear lacquer onto the panel in order to fireproof it.

Here’s what it looks like now that the standing seam roof is up:

Photo: Large Dormitory Block Structure Completed in Just Four Weeks

And we’re not finished yet! The next step in this project is to replace ‘The Den’, SOEC’s indoor activity centre. They would like to completely modernise the kinds of activity on offer, incorporating new ones like caving and bouldering. We’ll keep you posted on our progress…

SIPS save construction time and money, while also helping reduce long-term energy and maintenance costs. If you would like to find out more about our time saving construction methods, call SIPS@Clays on 01756 799498.