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Couple Builds House in the Garden Using SIPs

Published 12th November 2014|||||

Photo: Couple Builds House in the Garden Using SIPs

Designing and Building the New House in the Garden

Although the Routledges employed an architect, they came up with the designs themselves including all the finishes. Trevor even used his former railway modelling skills to build a 1:50 scale model in plasticard. And apart from a few minor tweaks here and there, their new house in the garden remained true to the original designs.

Once the stepped concrete raft foundations had been built and reinforced with steel, we got to work erecting the SIPs. This took just over a fortnight from start to finish.

Photo: Couple Builds House in the Garden Using SIPs

Using SIPs meant that the couple were able to make the most of the ample roof space, creating attractive vaulted ceilings throughout the building. The roof itself is made from sustainable steel, while the outer walls are made up of white concrete blocks and timber-effect cladding.

Together with high-level glazing, this combination of SIPs, cladding and steel roofing will make for an extremely airtight building, ticking all the Routledges’ energy-saving boxes. The air will be kept fresh by means of an MVHR system, while a small gas boiler, solar panels and under-floor piping will provide extra warmth on the rare occasions that this is required.

But the Routledge’s new house is more than just practically and environmentally sound. With an attractive, timber-look exterior and stunning views of the valley beyond via sliding patio doors, it’s also going to be a very pleasant place to live.

Ever fancied building your own house in the garden? SIPS@Clays can help you realise your homebuilding visions, whether it’s a modest bungalow in your backyard or an extravagant piece of architecture on a much grander scale. Call 01756 799498 to discuss your ideas with an expert, or browse our website for more information on SIPs and the service that we provide.