Speed Of Build

By using SIPs the time on site can be reduced dramatically therefore minimising site costs e.g. plant hire, site overheads such as site cabins, site management. Also, the fact that trades can be working on the inside of the house as well as the outside at an early stage in the build process. This can be particularly useful when time is a constraint e.g. when building work has to be carried out in school holidays, etc.

Why Choose SIPS@Clays LLP?

Sustainable Living

Once built the ongoing running costs of the property will be substantially less than those of a traditional build.

Sustainable Living

The Kingspan TEK product is a very sustainable both in terms of how it is manufactured and how it performs once the project is completed. It comfortably exceeds current building regulations and is proven to dramatically reduce energy consumption given its air tightness qualities.

Easier To Manage/Control Costs

Because the SIPs shell goes up quickly and becomes virtually watertight (once the breather membrane is installed) the build becomes less dependant on bad weather so it is easier to forecast when sub-contractors are required. Also work can be going on inside as well as outside once the SIPs have been built.

Easy To Manage The Build Process

If you are looking at managing the build process yourself a SIPs build means that it is very easy to organise the different trades once the SIPs have been built and it will be much easier to keep to time schedules because you are not as reliant on the weather as you are with a traditional build.

Very Clean

Unlike traditional building (where approx.1500 gallons of water is used in the construction process) it is much easier to keep the internal shell clean.

Utilising Roof Space

SIPs can help to maximise the building envelope by using all available space. This is particularly relevant where SIPs are used on the roof and a floor is placed at wall plate level, creating a perfect room in the roof opportunity.