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Small, Challenging Plots and SIPs Construction

Published 6th June 2019

For every house building project, whether it is a single self-build home or a multi home development project, the plot will always dictate what can and cannot be built. It defines size, shape and layout of a dwelling, its orientation, and it can even be the deciding factor on the most suitable method of construction to be used.

Traditional methods of construction may immediately exclude many a smaller and difficult to access plot, deeming them unsuitable for building on, and if you think you’ve found the ideal site, in the perfect location, this can be disappointing news to hear.

However all is not lost! Building with Structural Insulated Panels, or SIPs construction, brings many benefits to a project, it is undoubtedly an ideal construction solution for small, challenging plots of land, offering great flexibility. So, before you discount that perfect but, on the face of it, unviable plot, we’ve outlined a few reasons why building with SIPs panels means the size or accessibility of your plot shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

Off-site SIPs Construction

Every metre of space counts on a small site, so construction, storage and waste areas needs to be utilised effectively to allow maximum dwelling space and efficiency on site.

SIPs panels are precision engineered off-site, which means that the superstructure of a building is prefabricated in a factory environment and delivered to site ready for immediate erection. This not only speeds up the build process but reduces the amount of on-site labour and materials required, it minimises waste and importantly means there are far fewer deliveries required to site, especially beneficial if access to your plot is restricted.

Maximising Living Space

With great design flexibility and minimal wall thickness (Kingspan TEK™ is available as 142mm or 172mm panels), SIPs construction will maximise the floor area of your new home when compared to traditional methods of construction. A small plot doesn’t necessarily mean a small house!

SIPs roof panels are structural, which means the need for traditional roof trusses is eliminated. This creates the option of either vaulted ceilings or additional ‘room in the roof’ space and as desirable elements in a home, they can provide a significant increase in the value of the completed build. Maximum space = maximum value.

Photo: Small, Challenging Plots and SIPs Construction

Sites with Difficult Access

Many ‘perfect plots’ are hidden away in rural idylls with difficult or restricted access and for any number of reasons, including traffic restrictions, small country lanes or conservation issues, accessing your site with traditional construction plant, could be an issue.

A structural insulation panel system, which has been prefabricated offsite, is easily delivered to site. We will tailor our delivery method according to the site size and access availability with just a telehandler required for offload and erection. This, as mentioned above, results in fewer deliveries to site, reduction in traffic noise and pollution and minimises disruption to neighbours, wildlife and surrounding environment.

Designing with SIPs in Mind

The flexibility of designing with SIPs panels means that any design can be achieved to suit your plot – whatever size and difficulties it presents.

At SIPS@Clays we love a challenge, so working with you or your architect, we will create designs, offering solutions that will maximise your space and devise a fabrication and delivery programme that will address each and every complexity of your site - without compromise to your project.

Photo: Small, Challenging Plots and SIPs Construction

So, if you have a small, narrow or challenging plot or you’re considering purchasing one, contact our team, who will be able to talk through the benefits of building with SIPs panels on your plot.