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Kingspan TEK 142 vs Traditional Blockwork Construction

Published 16th January 2018|

Photo: Kingspan TEK 142 vs Traditional Blockwork Construction

The type of building material that you choose is one of the most important parts of your project. It will affect everything from your total costs, to the time it takes to complete the build.

In the past, traditional blockwork construction has been widely used across the UK, and the evidence of this can be found on almost every street. However, the popularity of brick and block should not be confused for superiority. There have been huge investments in the construction industry, and this has resulted in new and improved building methods such as the Kingspan TEK 142mm structural insulated panel.

Photo: Kingspan TEK 142 vs Traditional Blockwork Construction

Comparison of the Kingspan TEK Building System with Traditional Blockwork

There are many factors that you should consider when deciding which type of construction material is best for your home. These typically include:

1. Insulative Properties

Building with traditional blockwork construction limits the amount of insulation that you can have in your walls. Many builders choose to insulate the cavity, which can lead to moisture build up on the inside of your house – resulting in condensation and mildew.

The innovative design of the Kingspan TEK Building System means that this isn’t a concern. One of the fundamental design elements of the system is its insulation and airtightness, which results in better U-Value ratings, lower energy bills and a warmer home.

2. Build Time

The total build time of the project is also something that varies between the two construction methods. As brick and block is a wet construction method, it requires more time to fully dry. This also makes it more dependent on the weather, and construction may need to be temporarily halted in the event of heavy rain, snow or ice. This is because foundations built during these conditions may not be structurally sound, as freezing can cause fundamental parts of the structure to expand and require replacing.

Building with structural insulated panels is a much faster and more efficient process. Unlike traditional blockwork construction, the Kingspan TEK 142mm material can be prefabricated and then cut to size in our Skipton factory. This allows for a much faster build time on site, and it is also much easier to accurately predict when the project will be completed.

3. Project Cost

The total cost of the project is also something that will vary depending on your chosen method. The materials for building with blockwork construction are generally cheaper than Kingspan TEK structural insulated panels, however a significant amount of these savings is likely to be spent on labour due to longer build times.

In the long-term, building with SIPs means that you’re also likely to save money on your energy bills. The design of the Kingspan TEK Building System in particular helps to prevent heat from escaping, resulting in less money being spent on heating.

4. Design Capabilities

Some stunning homes have been created using blockwork construction, however the use of structural insulated panels can allow for even more flexibility in your design.

The Kingspan TEK Building System offers more scope for unique, well-executed home design. It can forms loadbearing walls, and its exceptional strength means that it can create buildings up to four storeys high.

Using the Kingspan TEK Building System also means that you can make the most out of your space. The design of the panels means that your building won’t require roof trusses, so you can easily turn your attic into an open and habitable space for you to enjoy.

5. Availability of Skilled Workers

As brick and block is so common, skilled workers and construction companies are more readily available.

However, there are companies which specialise in structural insulated panels. The SIPS@Clays team are always thrilled to take on a challenge, and we’re experienced in providing support and expertise throughout the process of your build. We also operate across the UK, meaning that location isn’t an issue.

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