sips for residential


SIPs can be used across the board from single residences, to commercial housing projects. It can be utilised by self-builders as well as contractors working on large-scale housing developments.

sips for developers


SIPs can help developers keep costs down by reducing the overall build time. Speed of erection along with a programmed build helps keep the developments build schedule on track

sips for health


SIPs have been used extensively in the building of hospitals and health care establishments. Building costs are minimised due to the speed of build and heating costs are drastically reduced.

sips for education


Building with SIPs can be of great benefit where space is at a premium. Schools, in particular, have benefited from the extra roof space which is automatically created by using SIPs.

sips for leisure


SIPs have already been utilised by the leisure industry in Britain. The hugely popular Center Parcs have used the panels because of their fast track building capability and for their thermal efficiency. SIPs provide Center Parcs with life time energy saving benefits and also meet the requirements of the company’s environmental policy.

sips for housing associations

Housing Association

SIPs can significantly reduce running costs and provide energy saving solutions to housing associations who are looking for a cost-effective and long term solutions for their customers needs.